Ahsoka Tano

This is my rendition of Ahsoka Tano.

My good friend, Vrykon, has asked a copy a few months ago for him to color, so I cleaned up my lines to make it easier for him to do so. Can’t wait to see it.

If anyone couldn’t tell from the original pencil lines, I took a certain “Heroes” star as inspiration to draw her face. Of course, I made it still have the attributes of Ahsoka (big eyes, pouty lips)  But I do hope its visible.

Also, some people thought that I made her more meaty than what is depicted in the movie/series. Well, simply put, I don’t like to draw very skinny arms on girls.

HB lead pencil on A4 copy paper. Digitally inked using Corel Painter X with a WACOM™ Intuos3 A5.

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