Supergirl/Kara Zor-El is © DC Comics. Created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino. Reinvented by Jeph Loeb and Michael Turner.

My lines colored by a fellow filipino Omi Remalante, Jr. Just tweaked the brightness a pinch to make the reds and blues pop more. I love his style, particularly the toning of the shadows in the skin, her hair and that nose that I wish I could do in my colorings as well.

Ahsoka Tano

This is my rendition of Ahsoka Tano.

My good friend, Vrykon, has asked a copy a few months ago for him to color, so I cleaned up my lines to make it easier for him to do so. Can’t wait to see it.

If anyone couldn’t tell from the original pencil lines, I took a certain “Heroes” star as inspiration to draw her face. Of course, I made it still have the attributes of Ahsoka (big eyes, pouty lips)  But I do hope its visible.

Also, some people thought that I made her more meaty than what is depicted in the movie/series. Well, simply put, I don’t like to draw very skinny arms on girls.

HB lead pencil on A4 copy paper. Digitally inked using Corel Painter X with a WACOM™ Intuos3 A5.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is © 1941 – 2007 DC Comics™. Created by William Moulton Marston and Elizabeth Holloway Marston.

Been really a long while since I drew Wonder Woman (try since the 6th grade)… Princess Diana. I’ve been collecting the new rebooted Wonder Woman comics (after Infinite Crisis and 52), and I’m liking where they’re taking the character lately.

Faber Castell H Pencil on A4 copy paper. Digitally inked freehand using Corel Painter X. Colored using Adobe Photoshop CS2. Trying out a more painted look in the colors rather than the usual comicbook-style coloring.

Silver Age Darna

I’ve been a fan of Mars Ravelo since I was a kid.

This costume design was worn by the actress Gina Pareño in the movie “Darna and the Planetman” in 1969, so one could say that this was the Silver Age Darna.

Mars Ravelo’s Darna

Darna is ™ and © 1950 – 2006 Mars Ravelo.

I’ve been a fan of Mars Ravelo since I was a kid. I even am friends with one of the actresses that portrayed this filipino superheroine in the movies [the best actress to portray Darna in my opinion].

The pose is based on a publicity photo of Angel Locsin wearing the Darna costume.

Deadly Nightshade

The Deadly Nightshade is © Casey Johnson.

Commissioned character drawing.

The owner showed me previous drawings of this character done by another artist. The drawings were probably done in the mid-90s, and the artist somewhat traced his works using Jim Lee and Marc Silvestri’s originals from WildC.A.T.S. and Cyberforce.

Seeing as the character’s design was probably inspired by these works and those probably done also by Brett Booth (Backlash), I took the opportunity to pay homage to Jim Lee by doing the character ala the Batman HUSH and Superman FOR TOMORROW covers that he did.

Chong Ian Fung’s Calamity

Calamity is © Chong Ian Fung.

This is a drawing I made for a Malaysian indie comic book titled “The New Age Outlaws” created by Chong Ian Fung. This was a trade in return for an ad for Farlow Studios in the first issue and a signed copy of the first issue.


Jeffrey Reger’s Britannia

Britannia is © 2006 Jeffrey W. Reger. Character designed using the City of Heroes™ Online game system.

Commissioned image.

I have alot of CoH and CoV characters on my list right now, and I like doing these type of characters because it gives me a chance to go back to a genre that I love; superheroes.

Daniel Summer’s Korené

Korené is © Daniel Summers.

From the fiction The Shadows Inside created by Daniel Summers.

Among his created characters that I’ve had the privilege to draw, Korene is undoubtedly my favorite, because simply of her warrior spirit. I took inspiration on her design from the samurai and the kuniochis (female ninjas).

Jenn X

Jenn-X is © 2005 Jeremy Farlow. All Intellectual Rights Reserved.

Jenn-X is a play on [obviously] Gen-X or Generation X. Inside the mind of Jenn-X was a concept I had for a graphic novel of a girl who believes she is the sole survivor of a post-apocalyptic Earth, but in reality its just in her mind and she is actually in a mental facility getting treatment for her illness.


Or is it?

Solar Flare

This is Solar Flare, a character created by sketchsanchez. She is such an interesting character that I had to have my own rendition.

Based on his illustrations, I experimented on her costume and look. Combining the classic costumes like The Black Canary, Marvel Girl, etc with a modern twist.
I painted her hair like it was on fire [or at least made to resemble flames]. I love hotpants in particular. This one was alot of fun to do.