Charlie Celebrates 2012!

Charlotte “Charlie” Fuentes and Image is © 2012 Farlow Studios. All Intellectual Property Rights Reserved.

Happy 2012 everyone! Let’s hope 2012 will be a better year than the last. I used a stock photo of fireworks for the background I got a few years back, so I don’t remember where I purchased it from. Pose is based on a number of references, combined in order to make her leg into that particular pose.

Have a Happy New YEAR!

The Girls of 408 2011 Edition

Charlie, Alex and Joey are © and ™ 2011 Farlow Studios. All Intellectual Property Rights Reserved.

Happy 11-11-11 (whatever that means to you)!

Because this day is considered somewhat a special day, I wanted to do something special as well for fan-art Friday. I created Alex, Charlie and Joey during my college years. They were nothing more than doodles of my ideal girls, made mostly out of boredom waiting for the next class to begin.

Jump to 2003 and my introduction to DeviantART. After so many years of not drawing the girls, I took pencil and paper and drew them in 2004. After that, as my skill evolved, so did they. As I learn the inner workings of digital illustration and re-learn the things that I forgot to do, they got fleshed out more and more. Throughout the past 7 years, their look reflected the skills that I’ve acquired.

Its only fitting that on this day, November 11, 2011, that I solidify them as I move forward to the future of these three very lovely fictional characters of mine.





Charlie MJ Tribute

“Darkness Falls Across The Land…The Midnight Hour Is Close At Hand…Creatures Crawl In Search Of Blood…To Terrorize Y’awl’s Neighborhood… ” – from Michael Jackson’s Thriller as performed by Vincent Price

I always wanted to draw one of my characters wearing the iconic Thriller jacket, so from that thought came about this image. Charlie fits perfect for I made her a Michael Jackson fan like me, and she likes to dress up (or, in this case, undress). I pretty much sketched, inked, and colored this one in a matter of 6 hours, give or take a few tweaks as the day went.
There are small elements in the image that gives homage not only to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, but to [some degree] a few of my favorite horror movies.

Maneki Girl Reprise

Meet Bo.

The pose is inspired by an image I found while searching for possible pin-up poses to add to my ever-growing archive. Bo is loosely based on model Faye Reagan and Julianne Moore. The coloring style I experimented with is mostly freehand in Photoshop using a number of custom brushes of my own. Still experimenting to improve that skill.

I always wanted to do this pose for the difficulty of it. The shape of the thighs and knees when in this pose and angle create such an awkward shape it makes it a challenge to pull off which hopefully I did.

The Vosz

The Vosz is © Farlow Studios.

Long time since I posted anything new and/ or colored by me.

This was a [supposed] commission from more than a year ago. Pretty much I was asked to design a character that has a dominatrix vibe. The original design was more revealing and holding a electrified whip. Let’s just say the original character never got finished (abandoned commission).

As I was looking through my archives found it again after more than a year. Redesigned her entire costume, replaced the whip, added a hood. The only thing pretty much remained was her face, which is based on model Zoe Voss (thus the name The Vosz). Thinking of just giving it to her, if I find a way to get a message out to her.

The coloring style is an homage (as well as an amalgam) to all the great colorists that have done good to my humble lines.


Repha’Im / Cass is © Seidooryuu.

First commission booked for 2011. All aspects of this line art is based on the references and input from her creator Seidooryuu.

I’m slowly improving how I draw wings. They are the most difficult to draw in my opinion.

colors by Eddy-Swan

Susan’s Coffee

Starbucks™ and the Starbucks Logo are ™ and © Starbucks Corp. All Intellectual Property Rights Reserved.

Its not really an image of a certain Susan, but I like the wordplay. Specifically drawn for a Christmas exchange gift using a Starbucks “Create Your Own” Tumbler.

Personally signed for authenticity.


Vemere is © Stormweather.

Commissioned by Stormweather of his character Vemere. Pose and how it is digitally painted are inspired by various pinups done by the greats Elvgren and Vargas. I’m using a much more natural painted look effect for this one.


Supergirl/Kara Zor-El is © DC Comics. Created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino. Reinvented by Jeph Loeb and Michael Turner.

My lines colored by a fellow filipino Omi Remalante, Jr. Just tweaked the brightness a pinch to make the reds and blues pop more. I love his style, particularly the toning of the shadows in the skin, her hair and that nose that I wish I could do in my colorings as well.

Vel Venturi

Vel Venturi is © TheMaskedShrike. Star Wars © LucasFilm.

Commissioned image for TheMaskedShrike for her Vel Venturi character. She wanted an image that could be placed on the nose of an X-Wing Fighter, so I opted to pose her character as such and digi-paint it to look as if it could actually be painted on an X-Wing.

Sketched and inked in Corel Painter. Colored in Photoshop with an Intuos3.

Joey Loves

Josephine “Joey” Burns is created by Jeremy Farlow.

Her hands say it all.

Terratonic strips

Terratonic is © Terrafan02.

Commission piece. General idea came from Erica. She expressed liking my rendition of Thunderbird and wanted a similar looking pose for her character. Not wanting to mirror the said image, I took reference from different stock images to come up with this final piece. The mostfun I had making this image (even though I have tendonitis on my left hand while making it).

Alex Welcomes 2010

Alexandra Evans is created by Jeremy Farlow.

Just a quick Photoshop/Painter/Photoshop digital work of my redhead Alex to wish you all a Happy 2010. A good way to end my 2009.

Reina Sylvain

Reina Sylvain created by Basho5eyes. Artwork is © 2009 Farlow Studios. All Intellectual Property Rights Reserved.
No part of this image may be used without the expressed, written consent from the owners.

Reina Sylvain is about 5 feet tall, and I tried to frame her about that size in proportion to how I usually draw my characters.I liked her fiery personality and I hope it shows.

I took this chance to try and emulate two artists on how they color skin in Photoshop. One is Adam Hughes, the other is Scott Blair. Simplifying the light and shades on the skin helps me overall in cutting down a few minutes in my coloring.

Masked Shrike

The Masked Shrike is © 2009 Kelly Rhodes. Image is © Jeremy Farlow.

I based the character’s face and expression on the great Lauren Bacall. The design of the interior of her home is base on classic 50s movies, and the golden glow reflects her powers as I understand them. Again, trying to use more simplified coloring techniques.

Penciled on 11″ x 17″ sketchpad. Digitally inked on Painter X. Colored and finished in Photoshop CS4.

Shoot Em Up!

Sunshine is © Farbrook. Image is © 2008 – 2009 Farlow Studios. All Intellectual Property Rights Reserved.
No part of this image may be used, reposted or reproduced in any manner or format without the expressed, written permission from the owners.

I was rummaging through my old backup files looking for a few studies I did for my website re-design, when I found this one. I have completed this image alongside my work with OrangUtan Comics Studio in October and completely forgot about it.

This was the first time I tried to do a more simplified coloring to my technique along with a more animated look to my line art. Inspired mostly by the works of Adam Hughes and Art Adams.

The mesh and lace patterns of her peasant skirt came from here.

Ahsoka Tano

This is my rendition of Ahsoka Tano.

My good friend, Vrykon, has asked a copy a few months ago for him to color, so I cleaned up my lines to make it easier for him to do so. Can’t wait to see it.

If anyone couldn’t tell from the original pencil lines, I took a certain “Heroes” star as inspiration to draw her face. Of course, I made it still have the attributes of Ahsoka (big eyes, pouty lips)  But I do hope its visible.

Also, some people thought that I made her more meaty than what is depicted in the movie/series. Well, simply put, I don’t like to draw very skinny arms on girls.

HB lead pencil on A4 copy paper. Digitally inked using Corel Painter X with a WACOM™ Intuos3 A5.


Tiamat is © 2008 Teri-Minx. Created by Teri-Minx Image is © 2008 Jeremy Farlow. All Intellectual Property Rights Reserved.
No part of this image may be used without the expressed, written permission of the owners.

Commissioned by Teri-Minx. All aspects of this image was based upon Teri’s input.

The goddess Tiamat demonstrating her command over the elements and the earth. Took me awhile to finish this one. Those rocks took the longest time to color, believe it or not.

Penciled on an A3 sketchpad. Digitally inked in Painter X and colored in Photosshop CS3.

Walkiria Smash

Walkiria is © 2008 Teri-Minx. Created by Teri-Minx.

Walkiria after a fierce battle with her nemesis, UltraWoman, taking her down and a city block or two as well. She uses the piece of UltraWoman’s torn costume to wipe the sweat off her brow.

Commissioned by Teri-Minx. All aspects of this image was from Teri’s input.

Penciled on an A3 sketchpad. Digitally inked in Painter X and colored in Photosshop CS3.


Thunderbird is © 2008 Teri-Minx. Image is © 2008 Farlow Studios.
All Intellectual Property Rights Reserved. No part of this image may be used without the expressed, written consent from the owners.

Commissioned by Teri-Minx. The commissioning party was very specific to what she wanted for her character Thunderbird, and I was very happy to oblige.

Penciled on 11″ x 17″ sketchpad. Digitally inked on Corel Painter X. Colored in Photoshop CS3.

Soul Train

Soul Train is © 2008 George Erhard. Image is © 2008 Jeremy Farlow.
All Intellectual Property Rights Reserved. This image may not be used in any manner without the expressed, written consent of the owners.

Commissioned piece for ProfessorBlues of his character Soul Train. All aspects of this image was by request of the commissioning party.

He wanted a 1970s disco vibe to the background, and I have this compilation audio CD of 1970s motown disco music and I took inspiration from the cover design.

Aurora Chase

Aurora Chase is © E. G.McCann. 
Commissioned piece for E.G. McCann of his character Aurora Chase from The City of Heroes ™ MMORPG. The line art of the Mustang Boss 302 she’s sitting on [requested by the commissioning party] was traced by me from a picture found on the internet.

The colors are all me, using a number of 302 images as reference.

Lady Xi

A commissioned piece based on inputs from the commissioning party.

Using all the inputs from the clients, they allowed me to interpret the character to the best of my skills. The character is loosely based on a real person.

Kurisu Kisaragi

Kurisu Kisaragi is © 2006 – 2008 *epyonavenger
All Intellectual Property Rights Reserved. No part of this image may be used without the expressed, written consent from the owners. Original character design created through to the Neverwinter Nights Game System.

Commissioned piece for *epyonavenger of his original character Kurisu Kisaragi. He gave me so many liberties on how to interpret his character in my own way. Took me a great while to finish it, and I am very thankful for his infinite patience. As a bonus, I made it into a Dagger Doll, which means what’s hidden under the armor can be seen by the owner of the image.

Pose is based on a 3D render of a female model I saw on the internet.

Noir: Zoé

Zoe is commissioned by jklst14.

Finally. One of the backlogged commission pieces I’ve had since the beginning of the year. Don’t even ask me why it took so long, I’m just happy it is finished.

Every aspect of this image was specifically asked by the commissioning party. The dark, gloomy shadows are my idea to give the image a noir feel to it. Inspired by the works of Frank Miller and the Sin City movie.