Fara character created by Gabriel Casillas. The first drawing I did for a pageview contest I held on DeviantART, and Gabriel was the winner of that.

KC: Tanned Lines

My character KC enjoying the last days of summer.

Wanted to post this before the summer months end in my part of the world (I believe alot of you are starting to enjoy the beginning of your summer months by this time).

The water was created using Bryce 5.


“Oh-oh here she comes, watch out boy she’ll chew you up, Oh-oh here she comes…she’s a man-eater…”

Inks and colors done entirely using Photoshop 7 and WACOM Graphire tablet.

KC in Living Color

KC is © 2003 – 2005 Jeremy Farlow. All Intellectual Rights Reserved.
No portion of this image may be used in any form without the expressed, written permission from me. No part of my gallery can be colored or rendered without the expressed, written permission from me.

KC. Kristina Cassandra. She was showcased fully on my website. The hairstyle inspired by an image of Avril Lavigne. Pardon the background, I had to do a quick render and scraped that off an old beach pic.

Native American Girl

I was pretty pleased with the output, though I could have done better with the hair. ;) (Wink)

The coloring style I use for Photoshop is basically my airbrush painting skill. I was pretty amazed at how fast I finished this (I guess obsession is the key factor). Hope nyanko and the rest of you like it. Been a long time since I did something like this.