Deadly Nightshade

The Deadly Nightshade is © Casey Johnson.

Commissioned character drawing.

The owner showed me previous drawings of this character done by another artist. The drawings were probably done in the mid-90s, and the artist somewhat traced his works using Jim Lee and Marc Silvestri’s originals from WildC.A.T.S. and Cyberforce.

Seeing as the character’s design was probably inspired by these works and those probably done also by Brett Booth (Backlash), I took the opportunity to pay homage to Jim Lee by doing the character ala the Batman HUSH and Superman FOR TOMORROW covers that he did.

Chong Ian Fung’s Calamity

Calamity is © Chong Ian Fung.

This is a drawing I made for a Malaysian indie comic book titled “The New Age Outlaws” created by Chong Ian Fung. This was a trade in return for an ad for Farlow Studios in the first issue and a signed copy of the first issue.


WoW Female Orc Pin-up

World of Warcraft is ™ and © Blizzard Entertainment. All Intellectual Rights Reserved.

Commissioned piece. Pose and character specified by the commissioning party. I gave her a more humanoid-looking face and body with the approval of the commissioning party. This is why I say it loosely based on the online game characters on WoW.

Blond in a Bikini

In 1999, I bought my first ever digital drawing tablet. It was a WACOM Graphire 1.

This image was the very first one I colored using that tablet. The line art itself is older, probably done around 1996 – 97, seeing the style I was currently experimenting with.

In July of 2006, I upgraded to the Intuos3 A5. A few weeks ago, I came across the old image again and thought “What would it look like if I had the skill and equipment that I have today?”

Digitally inked in Painter IX. Colored in Photoshop CS2 with the WACOM Intuos3 A5.

Nena D3viant

Nena D3viant is © Del Fowler.

Character designed using the City of Heroes MMO Gaming System.

Commissioned image. Pose and situation specifically requested by owner. I opted to show the initial inked version only because I kinda liked what I did with it using Painter IX and freehand inking it like it was on paper.


Ramones image is ™ and © Ramones.

Never mind that the anatomy isn’t perfect, or the coloring is simple, or that she has orange hair. This image I did just for me to have fun, to bring back the fun side of having the ability to concieve an image in your mind, and actually bring it to completion. so if you don’t like anything about it, just walk away. If you do like it as it is, then thank you for taking the time to look. I posted this image not to be nitpicked on, but to share the fun side of drawing.

Warfox VS Britannia

Warfox and Britannia are © Jeffrey W. Reger.

Character designed using the City of Heroes™ and City of Villains™ MMO Gaming System.

Commissioned image. Poses and situation specifically requested by Jeffrey Reger. Digitally inked in Painter IX and colored in Photoshop CS2.

Alex makes a poster

Alexandra Evans is © 2003 -2006 Jeremy Farlow.

This is a poster I made to advertise my commissions. It also highlights some of the drawings I’ve already done in the past with regards to the three girls of room 408 that I’m personally proud of. Pose was inspired by an image I saw on the internet. The original drawing was meant for her to be totally nude.

This version was slightly hued red, because…well, I wanted to. The original is located at Farlow Studios.
If you want something commissioned, you may inquire by going to my site for details of price ranges.

“Art is never finished, only abandoned.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

Jeffrey Reger’s Guardian

Guardian is © Jeffrey W. Reger. Character designed using the City of Heroes MMO Gaming System.

Commissioned image. Pose specifically requested by Jeffrey Reger.

Alex dons Flashdance

Alexandra Evans is © Jeremy Farlow.

Basically got to watch Flashdance on HBO some night, seeing Jennifer Beal wearing that famous off-shoulder sweater and red shoes. It inspired this piece of Alex wearing an off-shoulder-type shirt and pink, decorative leg-warmers.

80s music played while I worked on this piece.

Jeffrey Reger’s Warfox

Warfox is © Jeffrey W. Reger. 

Character designed using the City of Villains™ Online game system.

Commissioned image from the same creator of Britannia.

I have alot of CoH and CoV characters on my list right now, and I like doing these type of characters because it gives me a chance to go back to a genre that I love; superheroes.

Jeffrey Reger’s Britannia

Britannia is © 2006 Jeffrey W. Reger. Character designed using the City of Heroes™ Online game system.

Commissioned image.

I have alot of CoH and CoV characters on my list right now, and I like doing these type of characters because it gives me a chance to go back to a genre that I love; superheroes.

Charlie’s Tattoo

Charlie is © 2004 -2006 Farlow Studios.

Among the three girls in room 408, Charlie has got to be the most popular one to date.

So here she is again, showing off that back side she’s most proud of. She proves that dancing does a body good. Her tattoo was hidden for so long, so I felt its time to show it off.

Alex strips

Alexandra Evans is © Jeremy Farlow.

Exclusive image that was made for my online portfolio.

Joey’s Valentine 2006

Joey is © 2003 – 2006 Jeremy Farlow.

Pose and proportion based off on an image of Erica Campbell.

Valentine’s is just around the corner. I’m creating monthly calendars for the whole year of 2006, and February features Joey, a character I’ve created for the comic book “Girls of Room 408”.

Black and White

An image from was used as a base template for the poses. Other than that, it is still a favorite of mine from all the images I’ve done over the years.

Daniel Summer’s Korené

Korené is © Daniel Summers.

From the fiction The Shadows Inside created by Daniel Summers.

Among his created characters that I’ve had the privilege to draw, Korene is undoubtedly my favorite, because simply of her warrior spirit. I took inspiration on her design from the samurai and the kuniochis (female ninjas).

Jenn X

Jenn-X is © 2005 Jeremy Farlow. All Intellectual Rights Reserved.

Jenn-X is a play on [obviously] Gen-X or Generation X. Inside the mind of Jenn-X was a concept I had for a graphic novel of a girl who believes she is the sole survivor of a post-apocalyptic Earth, but in reality its just in her mind and she is actually in a mental facility getting treatment for her illness.


Or is it?

Solar Flare

This is Solar Flare, a character created by sketchsanchez. She is such an interesting character that I had to have my own rendition.

Based on his illustrations, I experimented on her costume and look. Combining the classic costumes like The Black Canary, Marvel Girl, etc with a modern twist.
I painted her hair like it was on fire [or at least made to resemble flames]. I love hotpants in particular. This one was alot of fun to do.


Fara character created by Gabriel Casillas. The first drawing I did for a pageview contest I held on DeviantART, and Gabriel was the winner of that.

KC: Tanned Lines

My character KC enjoying the last days of summer.

Wanted to post this before the summer months end in my part of the world (I believe alot of you are starting to enjoy the beginning of your summer months by this time).

The water was created using Bryce 5.


“Oh-oh here she comes, watch out boy she’ll chew you up, Oh-oh here she comes…she’s a man-eater…”

Inks and colors done entirely using Photoshop 7 and WACOM Graphire tablet.

KC in Living Color

KC is © 2003 – 2005 Jeremy Farlow. All Intellectual Rights Reserved.
No portion of this image may be used in any form without the expressed, written permission from me. No part of my gallery can be colored or rendered without the expressed, written permission from me.

KC. Kristina Cassandra. She was showcased fully on my website. The hairstyle inspired by an image of Avril Lavigne. Pardon the background, I had to do a quick render and scraped that off an old beach pic.

Native American Girl

I was pretty pleased with the output, though I could have done better with the hair. ;) (Wink)

The coloring style I use for Photoshop is basically my airbrush painting skill. I was pretty amazed at how fast I finished this (I guess obsession is the key factor). Hope nyanko and the rest of you like it. Been a long time since I did something like this.